Our Mission

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To carry out and promote cutting edge research, comparable to the best international standards in the field of “Blood and Blood Disorders” and “Blood and Blood Products” contributing effectively to the development of the country in this strategic field; i.e. the population’s health and towards the development of important discoveries in therapies or applied science;


Promote the education of scientists of international insertion, in addition to specialists and technicians strengthening the research and production network related to Blood for the entire country;
Diffuse scientific knowledge in the field of Blood, with a focus on secondary education and scientific education of the general population;
Act in partnership with the sector of private enterprise production and with the government in order for ideas to be translated into effective benefits for society.
Detection of molecular and cell abnormalities in benign and malignant hemopathies, such as chronic anemias, hemoglobinopathies, leukemias, thrombosis, hemophilia, lymphomas, myelomas, among others, aiming to improve and perfect diagnosis techniques and detect prognostic markers;
Elaborate new protocols for the treatment of these hematological disorders;
Create a support therapy center for hematological patients;
Implement new protocols of physiotherapy and dental treatment for these patients;
Investigate the diversity of blood groups, and relate them to clinical symptoms in transfusional reactions and infectious diseases in our population;
Evaluate the alterations of cell hemocomponents during periods of storage and evaluate the behavior of different conservation media;
Develop new forms of transplantation of mesenchymal cells, cord blood, and bone marrow stem cells;
Contribute actively towards the formulation of public policies in the field of Blood and blood products and of blood and blood disorders.

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