Fields of Research

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Molecular and cell abnormalities of benign ( anemiashemophiliathrombosisneutropenia) and malignant hematological disorders ( leucemiaslinfomasmieloma múltiplo), application in diagnosis and prognosis

New treatments for patients with malignant hematological disorders

Characterize the role of coagulationcoagulação, fibrinólise e angiogênese factors in the systemic response of sepsis and in the context of hemorrhagic fevers in Brazil

Study new risk factors involved in the pathophysiology of venous thromboembolism

Identification of risk factors for developing inhibitors in patients with hemophilia in Brazil

Mechanism of gamma globin gene silencing after birth using an animal model with hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin produced at the Centre

New treatment protocols for hematological disorders using gene therapy and dendritic cell vaccines

Support therapy for patients with chronic anemias and onco-hematological patients, enabling more aggressive chemotherapy

Implement new protocols of physiotherapy and dental treatment for hematological patients

Investigate polymorphisms in blood groupsplatelets and cytokines and relate them to clinical symptoms in transfusional reactions, alloimmunization and infectious diseases, such as (dengue and macular fever)

Investigate alterations of cell hemocomponents during periods of storage and evaluate the behavior of different conservation media

New forms of transplantation of bone marrow stem cellsperipheral blood, and cord blood and mesenchymal cells, including haploidentical transplantation

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